Quality Machine has been trusted by some of the biggest manufacturing companies around Utah and around the world. We would encourage you to ask around to see how we’ve been able to give people the best machining service in Utah. We have references we can give you that have experienced working with us. We are confident you will hear only good things about QualityQuality Machine and the parts we’ve done. We will do whatever we can to help people have the best experience they can. We have all of our systems in place from inspection sheets to shipping and receiving but when a customer needs us to make it custom for them we will.

Davis Lombardo says – “I have been working with Joe Cottrell, my experience has been great so far. I hope to continue this working relationship!”

Mathew Resnick says – “Great products great people!”

Jeremy Strickland says – “This place is an amazing machining company.”

Some ways we have made everyone’s experience custom is by adding any type of inspection or certification. For example, at the start, we didn’t specifically state that we are RHos compliant until one of our customers asked us if we could put this on our certification we sign before we ship the part out. Another way we have done this is by making custom inspection sheets. With our ISO certification, we are required to fill out inspection sheets for the parts we do. Usually, we only check every other part to make sure the machine is running right. We have had customers that want us to check every dimension on every part. If a company wants us to do this we will because we are a high caliber machine shop and will do whatever it takes to work with the best manufacturing companies out there. If you need a shop that will go the extra mile to get your parts done right we’re the shop.

Companies have told us that we have the quality they are looking for. Sometimes you get a shop that does exactly what you need them to do but the downside is they don’t get it to you on time. There are times when we are slammed with work and it’s impossible to keep track of all the jobs going through the shop. Over the past few years, we have implemented software that helps us get updated on what’s coming into the shop and what needs to go out. When you place an order with a quality machine it is instantly put on a list that goes straight on to a to-do list of a certain machinist and the job is also assigned to the machine it will be done on. We are constantly updated on changes to the schedule. If you end up needing fewer or more parts than you ordered or you need to change the date on something just let us know and we’ll change it no big deal. We work with some large companies that love the fact that we can make these changes so easily. In big companies, you’re just making guesses of how many parts you think you’ll need. If we end up running more parts than you needed in the order we will stock them for you for the next time you order them. We have been working with Varex Imaging for a while now and this is one of their favorite things about us.

To get a quote from us just go to the receiver quote section and give us the details of what you’re looking to get out of working with us. We hope that we qualify to do work with you. We would encourage you to go to google and look at our 5-star reviews and see what other people are saying about us. Don’t take our word for it. Other places you could go to are Biofireare Biofire, Varex Imaging, Sarcos, Cubiscan and if you need any references ask us and we’ll give some to you. We are recognized all over Utah and out of state also. Why would you want to work with Quality Machine and Automation? Because we have a proven track record and have been doing quality work since the ’90s.

Most shops either don’t have reviews or don’t have good ones. We are always requesting people to give us objective reviews so we always know how we are doing and what people think of us. Other shops don’t do this because they are afraid of the reviews they’re going to get back. We are confident companies are going to be happy with the work we do for them. If you go to google we have a 5-star overall review. There is nothing but positive feedback from real customers that we’ve done real work for. We are obsessed with making customers happy by giving them exactly what they need by asking what they need then delivering that. Also by doing it all on time. We realize how important this is to do everything on time. Apart from that’s one week late can stop a whole assembly line which can lose companies a lot of money.

Even after all the good reviews, Quality Machine has and all the good references we have we don’t want to put more risk on the customer than is necessary. We do this by giving all first-time customers 50% off all labor on the first job we do for them. This way we can show you exactly what the quality we’re talking about and the speed we can get it to you by. Terms and conditions apply. If you have a smaller job that you could put us to the test we would love to show you what we can do. We know how hard it can be choosing the right shop and sometimes you don’t always know whether or not these shops will deliver especially when you haven’t done business with them before. We want to be doing business with you for years to come. We believe the way you do this is by treating people right.