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Every machine shop preaches that they have the best quality control in their shop. When we tell people that we will give them good quality parts you can tell that they’ve heard it before. Many manufacturing companies have had bad experiences with having to send back bad parts. This takes a big toll in regards to spending. A machine shop with good quality systems should never send bad parts. If they are sending out bad parts it means they need to work on their inspection systems. Quality machines are trusted by Biofire Diagnostics, Biomerics, Biosonix, Varex Imaging, Varian Medical systems and many more big companies around Utah and the nation have trusted Quality Machine to do their parts. The medical industry is one of the most high accuracy industries in manufacturing. Working with medical companies for the past 20 plus years we have gotten used to quality and the type of quality these companies look for.

When it comes to the little details machinists at Quality Machine can see things the untrained eye can’t. When we get done with a part we want it to look like jewelry. These parts that we are machining at times are put together on the outside of the assembly and need to look good. Also by always making sure these parts are cleaned, machined well with no chatter, and don’t have any scratches. We take pride in this and when we send these parts out to the engineers that they go to appreciate a good looking part because they want a good clean looking assembly of whatever they’re making. Along with cleanliness we always need to have a mindset of cleanliness. The cleanest shops hold the tightest tolerances. When our shop is clean and we are cleaning our machines after every part runs on it we find that our parts end up being clean also.

Over time the standards in the machining industry have gotten higher and higher which has been great for American manufacturing and its reputation. Different certifications have come out like different ISO and AS9100. These have helped shops know what to look for and it also helps companies know which shops would be best for what they’re doing. It also helps them to know if a shop can handle the tolerances and the turnaround time they require. Turnaround times is what separates professional shops and amateur shops. When we got our quality systems in place we focused on our turnaround times to get people there parts faster than anyone else. The way we do this is by lights out machining and fixturing so we don’t have any load time and can be focusing on multiple parts at the same time. On top of that we have machinists that work swing shifts and are willing to work night shifts.

In the states we were late to come out with certifications. ISO certification came out in the states not too long ago. As we have come out with these things, some of the highest quality manufacturing has come out of America. You have seen it even with CNC machine brands. The best brands have come out of Japan like Makino and Mori. The reason for this is because they had quality certifications put in place. You have also seen a lot of nice machine brands coming out of the EU. Nowadays you see nice brands coming out of the states like Haas and other brands along with tooling. Quality Machine has put these quality certifications in place because they are proven and we can let our customers know that we have them. That way they don’t always have to come and inspect our shop. They know that we’re filling out the inspection sheets and keeping track of all the parts that are coming through the shop.

The reason we do all this and the reason a lot of shops desire to have quality systems and certifications in place is because they want to be a high caliber shop. When we compete with other shops in the U.S. and especially outside of the U.S. there is no question we are going to give them the quality they’re looking for. If someone asks us to jump we’ll ask how high? We give our customers a custom experience when they give us their business. We know that by doing this we bring in the best people and we build a lifelong relationship and friendship. This is one of the best parts of the job. Another reason we love giving it all we’ve got when it comes to quality is because we know all these parts we’re making to perfection are going to move forward American innovation. Everything around us that was made by man, a CNC machine had something to do with it.

The way we make these high-quality parts starts with the little baby steps. We start by creating habits and instilling them into all the employees until we get it right. Examples of these steps are cleaning everything all the time. Clean the machine after you use it and clean around your machining area at the end of each day. Another thing is checking your parts. You can never be too thorough with this. Along with this even if a shop isn’t certified they should make inspection sheets and fill them out. We do this at Quality Machine. This way when we are audited, there is no question that we will pass with flying colors because of these habits we have created. We always make sure we’re doing the small things that really matter and keep our shop going. When it comes down to it, keeping the shop clean and well maintained goes a long way.

We want to let all of our potential customers know that we have these certifications and along with those we want them to put us to the test. We give all first-time customers 50% off of all labor on their first job. Terms and conditions apply. This way a new customer doesn’t have to risk using a shop that’s not going to get the job done and get it done right. We have heard story after story of companies having to send back bad parts. This way our customers know we’re confident that they will come back for more after the first job we give them.