About Us

Quality Machine was founded by Shane Cottrell in 1996. Shane was taught the machining trade by his father Don Cottrell and ended up working at Abbott Laboratories. There Shane learned the tricks of the trade in the medical industry. He then decided he would start his own company with a goal to serve and support the medical industry. Shane and his company Quality Machine and Automation have been serving medical companies for years. Quality Machines have blessed companies by creating systems to manufacture parts and assemblies in the most efficient ways possible. They have focused on doing work for companies in the Salt Lake City area and occasionally doing work for out of state companies as well. Quality Machine has always hired the best machinists in the area. They look for ambitious employees who are meek and teachable. People that work for Quality Machine receive the best training from Shane and other people leading the company.

At Quality Machine we have experienced machining materials ranging from delrin all the way up to titanium and tool steel. We have helped the aerospace industry create precision parts in the most efficient ways possible. We machine intricate aluminum parts for robotic companies with our top of the line CAM software that can automatically pick up on part features without having to manually program. We can get the most complicated parts running on our machines in no time. Medical companies have come to us with their machining issues and we’ve been able to solve them and get their parts done by coming up with processes that came from years of experience. We have machined parts for snowmaking guns for Snologic that are now being used in Park City and all the way over in Japan. Along with coming up with processes to make parts we needed to buy the best technology. When you walk into our shop you will find a diversity of machines with multi-axis capabilities vs walking through a shop in China that only has cheap 3 axis machines. In some cases, we can beat China on price because of our technology.

At Quality Machine we take pride in how fast we can get parts out the door after we get a purchase order. When machine shops get busy things can get really unorganized. To prevent losing track of parts coming through the shop we use E2 shop software to always track people’s orders. The day a customer sends us a purchase order we plug it into E2 and we are constantly reminded every hour which orders are due and when we need to send them out. When we get a new job in the shop, we decide which machine we will assign it to and which machinist will be on the job. Each machinist in the shop has a list of jobs and is always busy. We encourage them to come up with fixtures and processes to be able to run multiple parts at the same time. That way it makes it a win-win for us and our customers. The customer gets a quality part for cheaper than our competitor and we get the job and are able to build a long-lasting relationship with that customer.

We have been servicing companies around Utah and contributing to medical, aerospace, and robotics innovation for the life of the company. We love contributing to making the economy better in Utah by providing quality products while being fair with the price. Utah has always played a big part in supporting U.S. innovation and we have been here through some amazing technology breakthroughs that have gotten humans to the moon or saved lives. Some of our parts have gone around the world to clean oil from the oceans. We have also sent parts around the world to help people with disabilities. We are now located in one of the biggest shops in Centerville, UT to be able to fit all the machines that our customers need. We also have the ability to build an extension on our building here if we ever got too full. We are in a great location because we are able to do work for all the companies in the Salt Lake area and also companies that are near the Ogden area.

The way we’ve been able to grow this well tooled and very diversely tooled machine shop is through diligently tracking numbers and saving money. Instead of buying things new we can take a used machine, saw, air compressor, etc. and restore it to make it new. By doing this we’ve been able to buy double the machinery and do double the work. Throughout the years we have been able to come up with manufacturing systems mainly through Shane Cottrell who was trained by his father and by hiring the best most experienced machinists in Utah. We are always looking for ambitious people that want to be the best. After years of doing this and having everyone put their heads together, we have come up and documented new and old tricks of the trade. These ideas have allowed us to save customers millions of dollars by saving time and being able to quote lower. It has gotten to the point that other shops would pay us big money for these ideas and systems. The proof is in the pudding. We will take your parts to perfection for a fair price.

At Quality Machine we want to prove to people that we can give them the quality that most shops claim they can give. The way we do this is by giving a 50% discount on all labor on the first job for first-time customers. This way companies can put us to the test to see if we can really do what we say we can do. We have heard countless horror stories of companies losing money because they have to send bad parts back. We will give you a discount to prove our quality and will provide you with inspection sheets whenever you need them. Companies have asked us to go the extra mile with extra quality control and we are happy to do it to earn your business. One thing we can guarantee is that we will give you good parts and we will lose sleep to get them to you on time.