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The Quality Machine & Automation Difference:

  • A fully documented and controlled management system including our Quality Manual, processes, procedures, work instructions, records, and their relationships to one another.
  • Scheduled and ongoing Management Review meetings for reviewing the current status of our organization against established quality objectives and strategic planning for the future.
  • Review of all customer requirements before committing to supply product
  • Product realization planning, implementation, monitoring, control, and evaluation against established quality objectives
  • Ongoing employee training

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About Shane

Quality Machine & Automation was founded in 1996 by Shane Cottrell who was taught the trade by his father Don Cottrell who influenced many of the CNC machine shops you see around Utah today.

Quality Machine has been supporting the Medical, Aerospace and Defense industries with their production/prototype precision machined parts, tooling and fixturing for over 20 years.

We have a very well tooled CNC machine shop with the latest in machine tool technologies.

Capitalizing on our knowledge, experience and technology we will meet your complex manufacturing needs. Repeat production is our specialty.
We have what it takes to meet your manufacturing needs and desire to support and partner with you in these areas.

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We are a CNC machine shop that is committed to getting people the best parts possible at a reasonable price through our processes that we’ve developed over 50 years of experience. Donald Cottrell had the idea to put a machine shop in his backyard in the 60’s. Over time he developed skills to be able to machine parts on manual mills and lathes. Eventually he taught his son Shane Cottrell the trade and the machining tricks he picked up over the years. Eventually Shane built his own company which is now Quality Machine and Automation. Shane started this company in 1996 and has been serving the medical and aerospace industries until the present day. Our customers know we are the shop they can come to when they need quality parts that are on time and a fair price. We have a team of machinists that are passionate about making the best looking parts that are in spec.

Over the years of experience under our belt we have learned the most effective speeds and feeds to use for a wide range of materials. We machine many parts made from aluminum for the robotics industry that come out looking great before and after being anodized. We have made many plastic and stainless parts for the medical industry. Then we have made inconel and titanium parts for aerospace companies. Then most things you can think of in between. We machine these parts using top of the line equipment from American made tooling to Japanese made CNC machines like Makino. Even though it’s more expensive to buy these types of tools we see the value in owning them. They allow us to run parts a lot quicker than lower end machines while at the same time being accurate. We buy from companies that appreciate quality almost as much as we do.

At Quality Machine we try to focus on quick turnaround times. This is something that is thrown around a lot in this industry. Almost all engineers have been promised quick turnaround times then end up not getting it. This is why we give first time customers a discount to prove ourselves to them because we have pretty heavy promises we give to people. The way we are able to meet deadlines is by always having an open machine. Even though we don’t always have an open guy there is always run time that a machinist can be setting up on something else. We try to have our employees running around 3 machines and at least 2. If the run times aren’t long enough we try to run more parts at the same time. This allows us time to set up another machine.

We have been serving companies around Utah and this has kept us busy over the years. Utah is a great hub for manufacturing. There are many companies that do a lot of medical equipment and testing. There is also a lot of military work that needs to be done. Many aerospace companies have moved to Utah because of this. We also serve companies outside of Utah. As technology has gotten better and shipping has gotten easier we have had opportunities to serve many different companies around the United states and also some companies outside of the country. This has given us opportunities to be a part of some amazing advancements in the manufacturing world. We have sent parts to different parts of the world and outside of the world. We have a part we made that is up on mars as we speak. We love being a part of things like this and making a difference.

The reason we love to do what we do is because when it comes to being a doctor you need equipment that allows you to save lives. When it comes to fighting the bad guys you need equipment that helps you protect. When it comes to being an astronaut or a pilot you need equipment to fly you around. When it comes to being an engineer in general you need someone you can trust to create your designs.

The way we are able to do what we do is a mixture of having machinery and having the knowledge. The way we gain this knowledge is by never hitting a ceiling. We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest and greatest of software and tooling. Also on how to because we might be able to learn from other machinists on blogs and youtube. We also try and learn from experience on every job we do.

If you are interested in having Quality Machine and Automation do your parts we offer a half off of all labor for the first job you do with us. We lose money on the first job to prove we can do what we say we can do. Our goal of doing this is to gain you as a customer for life. If you are interested call us today at 801-294-9115.